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 spring/summer 2021

Summertime and your fresh piercing...

Are you planning to get a fresh piercing during sunny months?

Give some thought about your summer lifestyle before you get a new piercing... new piercings take time to heal and during this time period, new piercing should be not be soaked in any types of "dirty" water where bacteria can live. This will limit your pool, lake, ocean, river experience that many of you like to have during our short summer season in the Pacific NW! Ranges for average healing times for different piercings can be anywhere from 6 weeks to 12 months.

Additionally, it is against our regulations to pierce an area that is sunburned (Nostril piercings I'm looking at you!). If you have made an appointment for a piercing, remember to keep the area protected prior to your appointment time. If you show up with sunburn, I will have to decline your piercing until the area is fully healed (no burn, peeling, etc). Please remember, getting a sunburn at a healing piercing is also a no-go! Aside from being extremely painful, it may also extend your healing time.


Migrains and the Daith Piercing

Recently, articles have been circulating regarding the Daith Piercing helping to relieve migraine headaches. The word is it really does help some people who suffer from migraines, although there is no absolute science to this claim. There are no guarantees of relief from this piercing, but it is lovely piercing for anyone that wants to give it a try!